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My third romance, Love Me Now, is available for pre-order. Reserve your copy today!



Loelle walked stiffly through the airport, skirting the wall as she wove her way through the masses of people arriving and departing. Sweat beaded her forehead, dampening the edges of her hairline, causing the fine strands to curl.
Even with the air conditioning, the press of people and the anxiety mushrooming inside her was overwhelming. A dull ache thumped along her temples and behind her eyes. Her doctor had warned of migraines. Unfortunately, she had packed her medication in her checked suitcase.
She released a long sigh of relief when she made it to the baggage claim area. The throbbing in her head increased to Mount Vesuvius proportions causing her to moan aloud.
Loelle approached the carousel and waited for her bags to roll through. A three-foot bubble of space surrounded her as most of the passengers on her flight already departed. There was some comfort in knowing that after she left the airport, she wouldn’t have to deal with people again until she returned to Miami. But even that assurance did little to ease the crushing pain in her brain.
Finally, her suitcase appeared through the thick plastic curtains and made its way toward her. Loelle reached down and snatched the smallest of her two bags from the carousel. Unfortunately, the strain of bending increased the pressure in her head.
As she waited for her larger suitcase to appear, a hand clamped down on her shoulder. Her heart seized in her chest as the urge to flee gripped her. But instinct took over. She wasn’t going out like before.
She grabbed the offending hand, twisted it at the wrist and, with a strength she didn’t know she possessed, hurled her assailant over her shoulder.

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