Love’s Paradise Series

This sultry series follows three sexy Puerto Rican men, a private detective, an attorney, and a billionaire playboy who find themselves caught in the midst of a drug and sex trafficking ring while keeping their love interests safe and helping them overcome their own tumultuous pasts. These alpha men aren’t their heroines’ saviors, but they help support and love them along their journey. The setting for the series takes place in San Juan, Puerto.

Private investigator, NICHOLAS HERRERA, is shocked when the one woman who held his heart appears unannounced in his Miami office, ready to turn him over to the cops. One night with Amaranth Wallace was all Nicholas needed to know he was hooked. But ten years prior, Amaranth chose to remain in an abusive relationship with his brother, forcing NICHOLAS to turn his back on her and love. Can he put aside past hurts long enough to help her find her son, and maybe get a second shot at love?

JOAQUIN GUTIERREZ, an attorney based out of San Juan, who helps Loelle Abrams recover from a brutal attack that left her scarred both physically and emotionally. Joaquin is used to helping people, but he finds himself out of his element with a woman who doesn’t want to be saved.

RAPHAEL MARERRO, is a devil-may-care CEO and flirt, who has met his match in Yvonne Jackson, a marketing superstar impervious to his charm. Yvonne’s ironclad ‘no fraternization at work’ policy forces Raphael to shake off the mantel of billionaire playboy and be his true self in order to win over Yvonne. Sparks fly in and out of the office as these two succumb to the passion building between them.

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