Need You Now

16649217_10211956054959299_5198832058481749721_nSingle mother, Amaranth Wallace thought she knew fear when she was in an abusive relationship. But nothing compared to the hollow feeling in her stomach when discovers her babysitter battered and bloodied on her living room floor and her 10-year-old autistic son missing. Now she must break her never-trust-men-again vow in order to work with a sexy P.I., who she once had an unforgettable fling with.

Old wounds are re-opened as Amaranth fights to overcome emotional scars she long thought healed and the inability to trust a man again, but not just any man, Nicholas Herrera, the one who stole her heart then walked away. One night with her was all Nicholas needed to know he was hooked. But ten years prior, Amaranth chose to remain in an abusive relationship with his brother, forcing NICHOLAS to turn his back on her and love.

Now fate has chosen to bring these two together in a race against time to save Amaranth’s son. On the trail of the kidnapper, the pair travel to tropical San Juan, Puerto Rico where their passion re-ignites and secrets are revealed. Will they be able to put their differences aside and trust each other long enough to find Amaranth’s son before it’s too late and maybe get a second shot at love?

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